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It all started as an option for people who were replacing their heating system – why not have the ductwork cleaned while their system was already apart? (They saved money on the duct cleaning AND their new heating system was connected to fresh, clean ductwork!) Other people had decades of dust and dirt (and many other items) settled in their ductwork, and wanted to get rid of that stale, dusty smell. And most new Homeowners simply didn’t want the dirt, pet dander, pet hair and debris left behind by their home’s previous owner.

We help remove indoor air pollutants with Guardian Air

Have an unusual odor?

It could be coming from your ductwork! Items that emit odors are heavier than air and settle in the duct system close to the “cold” air returns. When the air circulates through your ductwork, these odors are carried through the heating system and back into the air you breathe. Removing the cause of the odors is the best way to eliminate them.

Have allergies or frequent illnesses?

Circulating pollen laden air could be the cause of irritation, although allergies to nearly anything can be contracted at any time. Illnesses can be aggravated by polluted indoor air, and considering that we spend 50 to 90% of our time indoors, we deserve to breathe clean air. Without occasional duct cleanings, and a good filtration system, any pollutants in your home are simply recirculated back into the air you breathe.

But My Furnace Came With a Filter

Most Air Filters are simply too porous and don’t catch the small objects, bacteria and allergens that are found in the indoor air. These filters are meant to help keep the heating system clean – and thereby more efficient at heating or cooling your home. You can upgrade these filters to higher efficiency filters that can filter out bacteria and allergens, leaving your indoor air healthier to breathe. We can help with better, more effective air filtration systems, including HEPA Air Filters and Germicidal Ultraviolet (UV) Light Systems. All our products are UL listed and fully guaranteed.

Can’t I clean my ductwork with a “shop” vac?

Abatement Duct Cleaning UnitOf course you can…but not effectively. “Shop” vacs can seldom get down into the ductwork where dust and debris settle, and they can only remove loose particles. Plus, as you vacuum with a “shop” vac, the vacuum’s exhaust is spewing the small particles back out, circulating through the air and lodging in your breathing passages and lungs. (After all, your lungs are the most efficient filter system we know!) The most effective system for cleaning ductwork is specially built Air Duct Cleaning Vacuums, with a built-in multi-stage filtration system – consisting of specialty HEPA filters.

How Do You Know All This?

As certified members of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), we keep current with the latest products and technologies, as well as the commitment to ethical standards. As a Full Service, Trained, Courteous & Reliable Duct Cleaning Company, we pride ourselves on keeping our customers happy… and healthy!

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