Converting From Oil

Converting from Oil to Gas or Electric Heat

Converting from Oil Heat to Natural Gas

Who doesn’t want to reduce the cost to keep their home warm this winter? Right now in the Mechancisburg, Harrisburg, Carlisle, and Hershey areas the average cost of heating oil is around $3.20 a gallon or $880 per 275 gallon tank. Those numbers could really put a dent in your wallet and can really change your household budget. Switching to a more efficient heating energy that has a less volatile price can help keep your home comfortable this winter without draining the bank to fill up your tank.

Other types of heating offer numerous advantages over oil heat, including:

  • Less debris and particulate released when the furnace is operating. There’s no more dirty air to mar your indoor air quality.
  • Increased efficiency. Some energy efficient gas furnaces on the market boast an efficiency rating of 97% or even higher!
  • Reduced utility prices. Are you tired of paying high utility bills? Change over from oil and watch your monthly cash outlay decrease. Some homeowners find that they regularly save more than $1,000 each year when they convert from oil.
  • Higher property resale value. Plenty of home buyers are hesitant to purchase residences with oil heat due to the high cost. By switching from oil, you’ll be able to attract more people if you’re planning to relocate.

How can we help you?

Oil Heat to Natural Gas ConversionWhen you are ready to make the switch from oil heat to a more efficient heating solution like natural gas or electric, we can help guide you through the conversion process. When your Comfort Consultant arrives, he will begin to evaluate the options for heating your home and present you with multiple choices that can help you save on your heating bills. Our team of Heating Experts will help you every step of the way during your oil heat conversion process and answer any questions you have during the installation.

Simple oil heat conversions

We make it simple for you to convert your home from an oil furnace to a more efficient alternative. Our Expert Technicians will help you remove your old oil tank, and then make any changes necessary to retrofit your home for your new gas furnace.

After converting from oil heat

The advantage we offer you is not only our knowledge on efficient heating system installation, but our outstanding services available to you after your heating system is installed, including:

  • Planned maintenance – Keeps your new heating system running at its maximum efficiency.
  • Extreme Customer Service Memberships – A customer service program that is focused around you and your home!
  • Up Front pricing guarantee – You’ve already been surprised by your unexpected repair. Our up front pricing allows you to comfortably approve the work in your home without any hidden surprises after the work is completed.
  • Expert Technicians in Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry and more! We are here for all your home repair needs and want to help make your home comfortable and efficient.
  • After Hours Service – For whenever problems strike.
  • Financing – Because we understand that you don’t always plan for costly home repairs.
  • The Know “Who’s at YOUR Door” Safety Program – Emails to you that let you know who your Expert Technician is today and some background information about them.

Oil Conversion Calculator

Are you ready to make the switch?

If you are ready to ditch oil heat and make the switch to a cleaner, more affordable and efficient heating solution, call SECCO Home Services TODAY! You’ll be guided by our Comfort Consultants and Expert Technicians through the entire process to make sure you are informed and comfortable with your new heating system!

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