Oil to Natural Gas Conversion Calculator

Our oil heat to natural gas conversion calculator will help you estimate your annual savings while you’re planning on making the switch. Our simple conversion calculator easily and quickly helps you determine what it would cost you to heat your home with natural gas based on what you current heating oil usage is. You can see the equivalent usage and costs of heating with natural gas, based on the local costs of natural gas per ccf, the distribution costs from the local gas company, and the average conversion rate of oil heat to natural gas.

Number of gallons of heating oil used in last 12 months:

Average price per gallon of heating oil in last 12 months:


Calculated cost of oil in last 12 months:

Equivalent ccf of Natural Gas1:

Current Cost Per ccf of Natural Gas2:

Total Average Monthly Distribution Cost3:

Estimated Equivalent Cost of Natural Gas4:

Estimated annual savings after converting5:

Estimated 5 year savings with a new gas furnace:

Estimated 10 year savings with a new gas furnace:

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This calculator is for estimating purposes and it does not reflect costs or usage factors that are determined by your personal heating needs or conditions. Please use this tool simply as a reference based on the current costs of heating oil and natural gas from the utility companies. For a complete evaluation of your estimated savings, please consult our Expert Comfort Consultants.
1 – Based on the average therm/ccf rate converting from heating oil to natural gas.
2 – Costs of natural gas are calculated by the cost per ccf of the local gas company in the Harrisburg Area. Current cost of $0.61095 per ccf as of 12/23/2014.
3 – The total average distribution cost of natural gas is calculated at a rate of $0.3366 for the first 50 ccf, then $0.28 per ccf after the first 50 ccf.
4 – Equivalent cost of natural gas is determined by adding the estimated distribution costs to the total cost for volume of natural gas used.
5 – Your estimated savings is only an estimate for reference purposes, calculated by subtracting the estimated annual cost of natural gas from the fill-up cost of heating oil that you entered.
Current natural gas prices and distribution costs were last updated on 12/23/14 and reflect current rates from UGI Utilities

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