Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Installation, Repair & Maintenance

Heat Pumps Provide Energy Efficient Air Distribution for Central PA Homeowners

Do you want an alternative to a traditional furnace? Heat pumps can be excellent choices for homeowners around the East Shore and West Shore areas. While heat pump technology works best in moderate climates, they can be used in the Harrisburg area as long as they are properly fitted, installed and maintained.

How Heat Pumps Work

A heat pump moves heat using a method not unlike a refrigerator’s mechanism. In the winter, a heat pump pulls warmer air from outdoors into the house, and in the summer, it pulls cooler air from outside into the home. By moving heat instead of making heat, a heat pump does not need to use as much energy as a traditional furnace or air conditioner.

How Much Money Heat Pumps Save

Heat Pump Repair and Installation in Camp Hill and MechanicsburgDepending upon the temperature fluctuations over the course of a year, a family could spend 30-40% less on heating and cooling. Of course, some people have a back-up system in addition to their heat pump to cover heating when the temperature drops below a certain level. Therefore, any back-up costs need to be considered when determining how much money you can expect to save annually.

Ductless Heat Pumps Are Available

Certain types of homes in the central Pennsylvania region are not equipped with ductwork. In these cases, a ductless type of heat pump can be installed. For more information on ductless or mini-split heat systems, please contact SECCO at (717) 254-4555.

What to Look for in a Heat Pump

When buying a heat pump, keep in mind the following considerations:

  • Figure out how big of a heat pump you will need. Every house has a different footprint. Yours will decide what size heat pump will be necessary. SECCO can help you choose the right version.
  • Decide if you want zoned heating and cooling in your home. Some heat pumps give you the option to have zoned heating, which is great for rooms that are used less often.
  • Have your heat pump installed by a professional. SECCO has the expertise to install and service your heat pump. Call (717) 254-4555 today to set up your appointment.

Trust SECCO to Perform Routine Maintenance on Your Heat Pump

As with any heating or cooling system, routine maintenance is essential. Contact SECCO today at (717) 254-4555 for your next appointment. By maintaining your heat pump, you can enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures for years to come!