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The Membership that Benefits You!

Welcome to our eXtreme Customer Service program! This is the membership that benefits YOU! When you join the SECCO Home Services eXtreme Customer Service program you will benefit from a program that is centered around you and your home. Sign up NOW!

Benefits of our XCS & XPM Programs:

SECCO Home Services HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical Membership Plans

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Every month you accumulate points you can use toward home repairs. One Rainy Day Reward Point = One “SECCO Dollar” to use for…
Home Improvements • Surprise Repairs • “Wish List” Upgrades • Even a Bathroom Remodel! Sign up for your membership!

PLUS earn Replacement Points****

Every month you continue as an Extreme Planned Maintenance member, you accumulate points that you can use toward replacing your system!

Our membership benefits and discounts are good on ALL of our services throughout the SECCO Home Service Family!


Request your XCS or XPM Membership NOW and start saving!

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*Depends on financing terms chosen by qualified buyer.
**Via automatic electronic deductions. ***Up to 1″ pleated disposable filter provided at no charge. ****Rainy Day Rewards Points and Replacement Points are non-refundable, and points have no cash value. Points cannot be used towards dispatch fees or specials. Rainy Day Reward Points can be used for up to 50% of invoice amount on member pricing. We reserve the right to modify the program or discontinue the program at any time. Rainy Day Reward Points do not expire as long as current membership is maintained.