Solar Problems

Not every solar company takes the time to properly and safely install your solar system.

Here’s 10 Common Problems that can affect the safety & efficiency of your system.

1. The roof flashings may leak, be installed wrong, or may not even have been installed
2. The conduit for your wires may be installed where it’s not approved by National Electric Code
3. Your systems disconnect switches may not be labeled. This can be a big safety hazard for emergency personnel or electricians that need to shut off the system
4. Improper electrical fittings may have been used, which can be an electric hazard
5. Your solar panels may have been installed in an area where they are receiving partial shading. Partial panel shading greatly reducing output power
6. The solar company may have not taken the time to properly orient your panels so they are facing the ideal direction
7. There could be loose wiring connections which can create a fire hazard
8. The wiring or conduit is sometimes not properly strapped or supported and may eventually cause damage to the wiring, creating an unsafe situation.
9. The loads from your panels may not be evenly distributed to the inverters. Un-even distribution will shorten the life of your inverters or cause equipment failure.
10. Your systems ground wire may not be sized properly for a direct current (DC) system