Tune Up

2014 Fall Furnace / Heat Pump Tune-Up

It’s time for a complete home heating inspection and tune-up

Keep your home safe while saving money this winter…

An inspection ensures your equipment is operating safely and not leaking dangerous carbon monoxide into your home. Routine maintenance also saves money by maximizing efficiency and minimizing costly breakdowns to your home heating system.

Why do you need a furnace tune-up?

When is the last time your furnace had a regular tune-up or check-up? If you’ve been keeping up on the maintenance on your furnace you are ahead of the game, and are probably noticing the benefit of having it regularly tuned-up. By having a regular check-up and pre-season tune-up performed on your home heating system, you can prevent unwanted breakdowns during the coldest weeks of winter and avoid costly repairs down the road by catching them early while they are small. The pre-season maintenance and check-up for your furnace or heat pump can also save you some pain on your electric and utility bills.

If you are interested in having a pre-season furnace or heat pump tune-up you can call us at 717.254.4555 or schedule your appointment online now.

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