What to expect when you hire SECCO Home Services

When you make the decision to hire us to fix your home’s air conditioning, heating, plumbing, electrical or carpentry problems you should expect to receive the highest quality service around. Our team is extremely dedicated and proud to please their customers and makes sure to go above and beyond your expectations.

Not only should the experience with your Expert Technician be pleasurable, but your phone call with our Customer Service Experts should be seamless and hassle free. They are here to listen to your needs during the time you need help in your home and are ready to help you schedule your appointment to get your house back in order while working with your schedule.

What happens after the phone call?

So you’ve made the call into our Customer Service Experts and now you’re on the schedule for service. After our Customer Service Experts schedule your service, they pass your information about your emergency to our Expert Technicians who are then dispatched to your home to repair your air conditioning, heating or plumbing problem! You’ll also receive a courtesy call from our Customer Service Experts when your technician is 30 minutes away from your house, that way you aren’t surprised when your Technician arrives.

Our Technicians respect your home

When our Technician arrives at your door, they are prepared to diagnose your home’s problem in a professional and respectful way. They do this by arriving in a fully stocked truck, having a clean appearance and uniform, shoe covers on to prevent tracking dirt into your home and floor protectors to roll out to keep your floors and carpet from being ruined.

After our Expert Technician is welcomed into your home, they will begin asking you some basic questions about your home and your needs in order to help them better diagnose the problem at hand and to allow them to create a solution that fits you and your home. Once the problem is diagnosed, your technician will review with you the issues that were found and present you with different options that fit your needs and get your system running again.

If the solution chosen for your system is a repair, your Expert Technician can start the work immediately to get the repairs made the same day. If the option you choose is a new system installation, the Technician will coordinate with our installation team and your system will be scheduled for installation as soon as possible depending on our installation schedule and the parts required for the complete installation.

After your service or installation

Once the repair or installation is completed your Expert Technician will review everything that was performed that way you are informed of everything that was repaired or replaced. If you had an installation of new equipment, they’ll review with you how to operate your new equipment before leaving, that way you aren’t left wondering about how to use your new systems. You will also receive your invoice with your agreed upon services listed and broken down with explanations of all the work done. Your technician will also leave a packet including a satisfaction survey that way we can make sure you are 100% pleased with the work done.

We hope you choose us for your next repair or installation of a new HVAC, plumbing, or electrical system, or carpentry remodel.