Mold Contamination in Your Ductwork

5 thoughts on “Mold Contamination in Your Ductwork
James Lashley | Reply

Does my duct work need to be tested for dangerous mold before someone starts ripping it out of the house that’s lived in. There are signs of possible mold present on the outside of the duct work.

SECCO Home Services | Reply

Hi James! It’s always a good idea to have someone who is familiar with different types of mold to look into ductwork you have concerns with. You don’t want to rip open ductwork and then have mold spores contaminate the air quality of your home, especially if you have anyone with any type of respiratory sensitivity. If the property in question is a rental, you as the owner are responsible for any problems caused by mold. Please call us if you have any other questions or concerns about what you should be looking for.

Heather | Reply

We have mold showing up on the ceiling around the a/c vents in several rooms of our office. Is this something that could affect our health? The owner of the building is going to NOT have the ductwork cleaned by a professional, instead he’s going to have his handyman take care of it when he gets back into town.

Char Williams | Reply

Hi, I have been looking for someone to clean the ducts. I don’t think we have a mold problem, but think they need some attention.
Could you please give me an approximate cost that I discuss with my husband? I won’t hold you to it…would just like an idea.
House is one floor, little over 1800 sf, 3 bedrooms.

SECCO Home Services | Reply

Char, great question. We have all seen the unbelievable offer for duct cleanings as low as $99! This is such an enticing offer that we all know is too good to be true and we may even be lured into calling thinking just maybe this time it will be true. We have received the calls after these offers have been just what we all expect. We then repair damaged ducts, sometimes even systems that are rendered inoperable and then CLEAN the ductwork properly.

As a member of NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) we understand the value of clean air and have an experienced team with some of the best equipment in the industry.

Now to answer your question about “ballpark” pricing. A duct cleaning and air filtration package to keep the ductwork clean longer could be an investment of thousands of dollars for hospital clean air in a home. A routine cleaning to remove pollen, dust, spores and pet dander could be between 800 and 1200. Many of our customers have the initial cleaning done and maintenance cleanings every 5-7 years.

Your 1800sf home is a project that we could complete in one day with our experienced team.
Please call us at 717-737-8100 and for Diana to schedule a no cost system evaluation.

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