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Ja Sh
Ja Sh 1.0

Appointment was scheduled between 4-5 pm Friday evening for a whole house hvac replacement estimate. They finally showed up up at 5:45. Needless to say I am going with another local company. They may perform a great service but promptness and ...communication are key to me, especially when I leave work early for me to be on time for their appointment.Read More...

Barbara Witmer
Barbara Witmer 5.0

Jon Lebo was my service man. He was very thorough working on my AC. A delightful young man. I would recommend him very highly

Donna Weathers
Donna Weathers 5.0

wonderful service. i forget the technicians name but he was just wonderful! hi marks all around.

Maria Concetta
Maria Concetta 5.0
Rickie Zellers
Rickie Zellers 5.0

They showed up immediately upon my water leak! Excellent service!

Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell 5.0
Timothy Beal
Timothy Beal 5.0
Tracy Burke
Tracy Burke 5.0

The service guy was very nice and didn't mind answering my questions and he also went over future recommendations for me very professional at all times I would recommend Secco to family and friends

luis caceres
luis caceres 5.0
Alix Thomsen
Alix Thomsen 1.0

Damaged property! (summary at the bottom if you don't want to read a novel) In September, I had a routine sewer line check done. It turns out that my lines were so old and cracked with roots that they needed replaced. We were quoted over $10,000 but ...since we had the membership plan, it was just over $9,400 (which is insanely high after we got other quotes from companies like Handyside after the work was done). The guy that did the camera work was nice, but made it sound like we had to get it done urgently or the sewer could get clogged and backed into the house. I was concerned because of the white stones we had just put into our garden that the digging would damage our property (approximately 15sqft of stones). I was assured by Kevin (camera guy) that their people would remove my stones and set them to the side so that once the work was done, we could have them back in the garden. They fit us in within a week. When they arrived, they dug up the garden and DID NOT set the stones aside like was promised, so white marble stones were now covered in brown dirt. While they were digging, they cracked and chipped my sidewalk as well as hitting it so it was lifted up an inch or two and no longer level with my driveway (which I did not notice until they left). The dirt they dug up was put in the grass and not thoroughly raked back into the garden, so there were chunks of muddy dirt all over the grass. The area they had dug up was not level with the rest of the garden anymore. The whole area was a muddy mess. When I asked Kevin after the work was done if they were going to level the garden to how it was and remove the rest of the dirt from the grass, he said that the rain should make it go away and settle back to level. When I asked about the dirty stones, he responded with the same thing. I called two days later (after I realized the sidewalk wasn't level anymore) to talk to someone about the damage, but it was the weekend so they said they would send a message and someone will reach out to me. I waited over a week for someone to reach out but no one did. I called during their normal business hours and had them reach out to the project manager (Alex). Alex was quick to respond and said they would fix 2 slabs of the sidewalk (out of the 4 slabs that were hit and no longer level) and that they would level the garden, put down new tarp and refill with new stones. I was happy with the last part but had to go back and forth explaining that the whole section of the sidewalk was lifted up, not just the 2 slabs where the work had been done. Then he emails me and says that management won't approve for the same kind of stones to be put in the garden, which means that one side of the front of my house will have a different kind of stone than the other side of my house. This doesn't make sense at all! I'm waiting to hear back about why management will not replace the stones that they damaged with the same stones that were there and I'm also waiting for confirmation that the entire 4 slabs that they lifted will be fixed. With the amount of money they made by overcharging me for the project, you would think they would have the funds to fix everything they broke WITH PROFIT leftover. Will update when this is settled. Also, Kevin's boss threw in a free toilet to get us to agree to the sewer line. We hated our old toilet, so we were happy about this. However, when it was installed, the base is a lot larger than the old base and was not shimmed or anything when it was installed, so it rocks back and forth when you sit on it. **OVERALL, I'm unhappy with the pressure put on us to replace the sewer line, the total cost of everything, the horrible mess the crew left in my yard/garden, the lack of initial response from the management team, and now the lack of caring about the property that they damaged (management doing less than the bare minimum to solve the issue). All of the employees seem nice (Kevin, Alex, call center ladies) but I'm thinking now that it's an act to get your money unfortunately.** I called today to cancel my membership.Read More...

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