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A ductless heating and cooling system can allow you to be in control of your home’s temperature while improving upon the efficiency of your home at the same time. Ductless mini-split systems not only heat or cool your home more efficiently, they are typically less expensive to install, and offer a wide variety of installation options to choose from that would best suit your home.

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 Do you wish you could heat or cool only the areas of the home you use the most?

Now you can separate your home into different “zones” and control the comfort level of each zone separately depending on the use or needs in that specific area of your home. Each zone can also be heated or air conditioned based on the time of day that area of your home is usually being used. So whenever you are at work you can change the amount of energy used to keep your home comfortable, and then whenever you are getting out of work your home could be set to begin heating or cooling so you have a comfortable environment to come home to.

 What is ductless and how does it work?

Ductless or Mini Split HVAC Systems are a quiet, easy to use, and energy efficient air conditioning and heating solution. Ductless systems are ideal for older homes, homes with additions or renovations, cape-cod style homes, and any home without ductwork installed. The installation process is fast and usually requires only one day to install.

A ductless system consists of two main parts, the heat-pump or compressor and the blower or the indoor unit. The heat pump is installed outside and is smaller than the traditional outdoor unit many homes with central air have. The heat pump is connected to the blower (indoor unit) with a copper refrigerant line and is hidden with a decorative shielding that not only masks the refrigerant line, but also protects it from the elements and damage.

The blower or indoor unit is usually hung high on the wall inside your home and doesn’t require any ductwork to be installed. Instead they are hung on the wall, and circulate the air inside the home through the blower and pump back the heated or cooled air into the same room or zone or the home.

Why is ductless a great heating and cooling solution?

Ductless Mini Split HVAC Systems are a great solution for your home because they are easily installed in most homes, they are a great way to take control of your home’s utility bills and allow you to control the time you air condition or heat your home and at what specific temperature. They also give you the ability to determine which parts of the house get heated or cooled more than others.

Ductless Mini Splits also offer allergy protection to you or your family members that suffer from those agonizing seasonal allergies. Because the way the indoor units circulate the air already inside your home, they aren’t pulling allergens and pollutants into the house. And to help with those who suffer from allergies, most manufacturers offer anti-allergy and deodorizing filters that can be added to the system to cut down on the indoor air pollutants in your home.

 Why SECCO Home Services for Ductless?

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